Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arista Demos (1978)

Yeah…so…apparently they…wanted to be signed by Arista. So…they sent in these six songs. And…they weren't signed. And…I wouldn't have signed them either, frankly. Okay, enough ellipses! These are very rough. They sound like they were recorded in a well, although it's conceivable that that's just my copy. Even if they didn't, though, they're just not very interesting. Maybe if they were redone, they could be worth something. Maybe. If I have to list a highlight, I suppose it would be "B.R.E.A.T.H.E.," a song about the virtues of…breathing. There's those damned ellipses again. But they just won't quit! There's an okay Meat Loaf song. Actually, it was originally recorded by the not-at-all-suggestively-named Pandora's Box. Okay, so now I'm engaged in pointless free association. But I just don't have much to say here. "Get Laid" is okay, I guess, though nowhere near as good as actually getting laid. "Trying Day?" Maybe. I don't know. Look, you're only going to seek this out if you're an extremely hardcore fan, and in that case, you might find it vaguely interesting. If you're not, you definitely wouldn't, but you'll never hear it. So I guess it works out okay in the end. Anyway! On to much, much better things.

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