Thursday, November 5, 2009

Terminal Jive (1980)

Soooo…they did another album with Moroder, but with somewhat less spectacular results. Apparently the dude was rejecting their songs left and right; there may be more songs here than on No. 1 in Heaven, but a lot of it has a decidedly fillerish quality. "When I'm with You" isn't that spectacular anyway (a lot of people would beg to differ (it was inexplicably a number one hit in France) but fuck those guys); is there ANY good reason why we additionally need an instrumental version? Also, there's just no way that "Rock and Roll People in a Disco World" is an interesting song. Sorry. And "Just Because You Love Me?" Eh.

However, there are a few notable tracks on the second half. "Noisy Boys" is pretty good, but what's great is "Young Girls," which has the most hilariously sleazy lyrics ever, as Russell takes on a dirty old man persona in a soaring song that's unapologetically about lusting after pubescent girls. "They live at home. They don't have cars. I have a home. I have a car. They like that." Yup. Crank it up and wait for that call from Child Protective Services, who will then have no choice but to get their groove on with you, because how can you not to a song like this?

This will continue into the best track on the album, "The Greatest Show on Earth." You cannot resist the "steady as it goes 'cause she's the greatest show" refrain, and attempting to do so will result in harsh legal sanctions.

And that's all I have to say about Terminal Jive.

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