Thursday, November 5, 2009

In Outer Space (1983)

Surprisingly not bad, actually! Maybe working with the Go-Gos' Jane Wiedlin was an artistic spur. She duets with Russell on the pleasant if somewhat flimsy "Cool Places," which became a reasonable US hit, and on the rather better, atmospheric "Lucky Me, Lucky You."

It definitely has its low points, notably "All You Ever Think about Is Sex," which SHOULD be a minor classic; the first verse is quite good, but then, for reasons that I can't even begin to fathom, Ron decided to jettison any kind of rhyme scheme. WTF? It ruins the entire thing. "I Wish I Looked a Little Better" and "Please Baby Please" aren't great either.

But you gotta like "Popularity," a kind of winding tune that works, and "Rockin' Girls" is instantly lovable, with the great "You're the only girl I ever met who hates 'Hey Jude'/Well maybe that's the reason that I'm so in love with you." "Praying for a Party" is very snappy. And the closer "Dance Goddammit" works, with minimal lyrics that capture a certain mindset quite well. "I like clubs/I like girls/I like music/And that's it."

Overall, it's second only to Whomp that Sucker as eighties Sparks albums go.

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