Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whomp that Sucker (1981)

The band actually entered the eighties in fine form. This is just a good album. I like almost all of it, including "The Willys" and "That's not Nastassia," songs that many people, with some justification, find unbelievably irritating. The opening single "Tips for Teens" is pretty irresistible. Opinion seems to be divided here, with some people appreciating it and some people thinking BLARGH TEH LYRICS ARE TEH DUMB I RUN INTO WALLS AND GO DUH DUH DUH. You know why I frame the argument that way? Fairness and balance, that's why. Anyway, I think it's great. A doltish adult tries to provide bizarre "advice" ("Wake up to music and say you're too sick to go to work," "Keep that mystique up and wear a D-cup no matter what," "Don't eat no curry before a very important date") to an uninterested teenager.

Almost as good is the mock-operatic "Funny Face," where the singer is filled with despair because he's so goshdarn beautiful that no one can look past his pulchritude to see the real him. My other favorite is "Suzie Safety," a song about a fifties-film-strip-style safety advocate with some really bizarre imagery. It goes in directions that the thematic inspiration never would have, though: "When she's near to me and there's no one else around/And I can't control myself she says 'Safety first, pal.'" And I like "Don't Shoot Me" because it turns the tables on hunters. Hunters suck.

Your mileage may vary, but I'm not sure why you would imagine that I would care about your milage. The point is, I like this one quite a bit.

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