Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exotic Creatures of the Deep (2008)

Here's Exotic Creatures of the Deep. Musically, it's pretty much a direct follow-up to Hello Young Lovers. Some of the song titles sound a bit…strained in their attempted wackiness ("I Can't Believe that You Would Fall for All the Crap in This Song," "Lighten Up, Morrissey," "Photoshop Me Out of Your Life"), leading one to expect the worst, but one would be happily incorrect. It's a bit less awesome, but it's still pretty awesome. For instance, "Let the Monkey Drive," with its naggingly insistent piano accompaniment, is extremely awesome. The allmusic review claims it's an attack on our former president, but this seems like a massive stretch to me. Just because it has a monkey in it isn't really proof of anything, dood.

"I've Never Been High" recalls "When Do I Get to Sing 'My Way?'" In a good way. The post-one-night-stand single "Good Morning" is pretty classy with some great lyrics. ". . . I fix you breakfast/I hope it's just your laugh that is infectious," and poses the question: "Does das vedonya really mean good morning?" (sadly, no). I also have to point out the song "Brenda Is Always in the Way," which is only on the Japanese edition, which sucks, because it's totally great and you need to hear it. "As constructive criticism, Brenda, may I say, although you're A-okay, you're always in the way." Look on the internet! That's what I did.

Okay, there are a few songs that do, indeed, sound a bit strained in their wackiness. "(She Got Me) Pregnant" is nice enough, with some decent lyrics ("You know how these girls can be/They treat you all so casually/They wine you and they dine you and expect a little la-dee-dee"), but as noted: strained. A bit. Same with "Lighten Up, Morrissey," where the girlfriend is unhappy with Russell's non-Morissey-like ways (although one can't but appreciate "she won't disport with me"--that's just a great and underused word for a pop song). This is a good record to listen to, however. It is, for the most part, very…good.

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